According to Law no. 161/2003, regarding some measures to ensure transparency, prevent and sanction corruption, the National Electronic System (SEN) was established as a common platform for the development of e-government sector in Romania.

SEN represents the central point of access to information and electronic services of the public administration, offering users a set of electronic services intended to be used by private companies, access to administrative forms and procedures, and access to contact points for local and central public institutions.

In order to ensure a proper development of e-government, as well as to ensure the interoperability between e-government applications at national level, a common software platform is necessary to offer the minimal means for standardization, interoperability and secured data transfer between public institutions, as well as between public institutions an their private clients.

SEN - SDK follows the ideea of implementing transparency and optimizing processes in public services, ideea that justified and governed the implementation of the National Electronic System since its begining. Thus, SEN - SDK facilitates the establishment of a national standard software interface able to offer the required interoperability between various e-government platforms.

By its implementation SEN - SDK brings several benefits, like:
- The establishment of a common, standardized, authentication and communication platform required for the
development of e-government in Romania;
- Cost reduction for IT and communication infrastructure, development or maintenance for both private companies
and public institutions;
- Simplified access to electronic services provided by public institutions, for private companies and for other
public institutions.

SEN - SDK represents a collection of documents, code examples, test electronic services and software libraries necessary to integrate SEN's standardized authentication and secured communication services with third party software applications belonging to private companies or to the public administration.

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