Online forms


In the Romanian version of this page administrative forms can be downloaded or consulted.


Making the administrative forms available for the citizens and businesses through the portal, is part of the Romanian Government program of the desk reform, of promoting transparency and improving the interaction between public administration and citizens and companies.


This is an unparalleled initiative: to make public the forms used by public institutions in an extremely democratic space, such as Internet, so that they can be available for each and every Romanian citizen who might need them in order to solve out any problem, irrespective of time and place.


The number of available forms shall be gradually extended by allowing each public institution to upload its own forms: thus we expect to reach several thousands electronically available by the end of this year. The system has been dimensioned to handle tens of thousands of publicaly available forms.


In our assistance comes the new portal for administrative forms, with many new functionalities and features, such as promoting the standardization of administrative forms for similar institutions, uploading documents, advanced searching based on custom defined criterias, etc.


The portal for online administrative forms is based on the pilot project designed by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in 2002 and allows permanent access to public information and forms of interest for citizens or businesses.


The Portal has the following functions: informing the civil society regarding the legislation and regulations related to the interaction with the public administration, it is the "unique" point for downloading the forms and instructions of filling them in, the electronic space for the PC based filling in of the electronic forms.


These forms may be signed electronically according to the legislation in force and sent to the addressed agencies through electronic means that guarantee the delivery.