Online services


The romanian version of this page provides access to the governmental online public services. The Section of online services of the portal is an integral part of the Romanian Government program for administration reform, improving the interaction between administration and citizens and companies.


Through the Unique Form System there are six services online available at present, and their number will be progressively extended through Government decisions.


The online services make possible the provision of basic public services through electronic means. This does not imply the elimination of the desk, beeing more like a necessary and important step in reforming the public administration by offering the possibility to choose, by creating an alternative which has not existed so far.


The system is available at the moment, to more than 650 companies, the most important contribuitors and large tax payers from the entire country, and requires initial registration.


The following services are available at present:

Declaration submitted to ANOFM (National Agency for Employment)
Declaration submitted to CNAS (National House for Health Insurance)
Declaration regarding the payment obligations towards social insurance budget (National House for Pension and other Insurance Rights)
Declaration regarding the profit tax (Ministry of Finance)
Declaration regarding the payment obligations towards the general consolidated budget (Ministry of Finance)
Deduction regarding VAT (Ministry of Finance)

Other online services